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Testimonial East Kent CBT

Paul describes things very gently

Paul describing things very gently with more general metaphors, not being overwhelmed. Paul exploring processes of the brain


Testimonial East Kent CBT

Paul has helped me find a way to “step back “from my own mind

Paul has helped me find a way to “step back “from my own mind, to slow down my thoughts, to recognise unhelpful thoughts and let go. I want to say that it has all been helpful in many different ways. From just talking to somebody who can help me rationalise my feelings, to learning more about how the human brain works.
Within our first few sessions, I was leaving feeling heard and understood. I feel incredibly comfortable and appreciative that Paul has gotten to know me and the thoughts and feelings that I experience, even when I can’t articulate them.
I can confidently say that reaching out to Paul for therapy was easily one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life, so far. I look forward to more sessions and to continuing to enrich my ability to ground myself, to rationalise my thoughts, to cope, to survive.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

Using meditation and mindfulness to help my recovery

Using meditation and mindfulness to help my recovery. I would certainly recommend Paul to others. He showed a great deal of empathy and understanding. He clearly has a wealth of experience. He is quick to respond to my concerns ad any issues that I raised. Thank you, Paul, for all your help.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

CBT with Paul has had the result I hoped for

Understanding how the brain works with anxiety and how small steps can overcome issues when you feel stuck for an answer. Being reminded not to be so hard on myself. Learning the joys of meditation and the benefits it gives you.
Paul totally understands my issues and with his help and guidance I’m in a place I worried I would never get back to. I tried hypnotherapy to overcome my driving anxiety with limited success. CBT with Paul has had the result I hoped for.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

Therapy has helped me

Therapy has helped me start addressing some of the issues I was having and look at things in a different way. Some of the sessions can be challenging but more in a thought-provoking way. The therapist appears to understand my issues and puts forward helpful suggestions.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

I found being able to talk about my health issues very useful

I found being able to talk about my health issues very useful. I have learned new skills by means of meditation. I find being able to meditate helps me deal with my anxieties. The levels of depression and anxiety I first felt at the beginning of therapy have reduced greatly. The therapist showed great levels of empathy for my issues. I would recommend this service to others.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

Paul understands every issue

Paul understands every issue I have discussed with him. He is a very thoughtful and understanding person who is helping me to cope with my problems. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Paul, he calms me down and makes me feel more positive. He is very professional and understanding man.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

Paul is a good listener

Paul is a good listener and understood what we needed to talk about, even, if on occasions I didn’t. I had a couple of goals relating to improving my ability to have happy relationships, and talking to Paul, who understood me felt easy and natural. If relaxed and unthreatening is what you are looking for, then Paul will be perfect for you. Unthreatening does not mean unchallenging, because my therapy was hard work at times, but definitely worth it.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

Attending therapy has helped

Attending therapy has helped me regulate and understand my emotions and consequent behaviour to a greater extent than I previously did. Paul has helped me create action plans going forward to help me deal with situations that I previously struggled with. Since attending therapy, I have felt a lot less anxious with regard to certain situations and a greater sense of calmness in my life. I would recommend Paul to anyone who wants some help in any specific or general part of their life due to understanding nature and commitment to helping people become the best version of themselves.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

It is very useful for me

It is very useful for me to be able to get thoughts off my chest. and for someone to listen and help with my understanding of issues relevant to my current situation. He has helped me a lot to get to a place where I feel a lot freer and able to get the moments of insecurity and intrusive thoughts. I would say Paul has a great understanding of OCD which I struggle with.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

I have found being able to talk has helped me

I have found being able to talk through issues with someone who is not personally involved has helped me to come to decisions that I feel will help the situation has been very useful. It has helped me feel more in control. Paul has worked in the NHS for so many years he has been able to understand my issues also my family dynamics and my health issues. This helped because it was more like talking with a friend and that helped me open up. We have taken our time and tackled one issue at a time and really focus on the next steps. My anxiety levels have reduced drastically and I feel more able to deal with what life throws at me. I have had my slips but Paul has helped me to get back up and carry on.


Testimonial East Kent CBT

Therapy has allowed me to acknowledge, accept and appreciate my anxiety

Therapy has allowed me to acknowledge, accept and appreciate my anxiety as well as helped me to cope with it. It has enabled me to see my worth and make me believe in myself and my abilities. It has given me confidence and pushed me outside of my comfort zone which has made my life so different all for the better. It has given me knowledge of how my brain thinks which affects how I now deal with situations. Paul understands completely my issues and always helps me to resolve and think about situations whether big or small. Always makes me feel that my views, emotions, and opinions are validated.
I am extremely happy that I made contact with Paul and believe that since therapy all aspects of my life have changed completely for the better. I am the most content and happy I have ever been in life and believe that is completely down to the progress I have made in therapy. I am so grateful for the help and support I have had and don’t know how to thank you enough for giving me a new perspective and outlook on a life that before meeting you, I had decided wasn’t worth living. What a turnaround!


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