Paul Mousley
BABCP Accredited



He helped me manage

He helped me manage my anger and temper, taught me to meditate and focus on my breathing. having a label put on my problems was the biggest breakthrough for trying to manage my problems.


I was able to discuss my problems

I was able to discuss my problems and issues with an independent person. Paul understood the issues and gave me a greater sense of mindfulness and happiness. I am a different person to the one who walked into my first session.
Paul has been fantastic and really helped me through a difficult period in my life. I now feel a lot happier, more in control and generally in much better health physically and mentally. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough, I felt I was able to discuss anything without being judged. He gave excellent guidance and feedback taking me on a great journey, I am now able to understand myself better and put things into perspective.


Attending Paul’s weekly sessions

Attending Paul’s weekly sessions for anxiety has helped me immensely. Having suffered from anxiety for four years the therapy that I received has helped me to cope and recognise the conditions. Paul Is a good listener and understands what problems I have had and the therapy he gives me has taken me to levels of total calm.
Paul has understood completely what I have been experiencing and over the sessions has given me therapy on a step-by-step basis that has progressively helped me to control and deal with my problem.


Attending therapy has allowed

Attending therapy has allowed me to take time and have space to reflect and I have learned to understand and accept how my past thinking patterns and behaviours were not always the best and how some of my thought processes have led me to my point now. I hope that I am learning better ways to deal with life’s traumas. It has given me greater confidence to be assertive about how I feel rather than brush my feelings aside because they don’t matter. Sometimes I don’t even know what issues I am working on, but I never feel like Paul has missed the point or doesn’t understand. My therapist is different from friends or family in that they never dismiss my thought or feeling. When I started I cried daily and did not know why. I cry sometimes but I know why and allow myself and even say “well done for being compassionate”. My family was anxious and upset. They say it is good to have me back. I felt angry and a bit bitter. I am now starting to make peace with my past, it feels a lot better.


Paul is great at understanding

Paul is great at understanding the issues my son is dealing with especially as he has a great understanding of spectrum issues and OCD. As a parent, he has also helped me tremendously firstly through helping my son but also with feedback calls which have often put my worries at ease regarding some of my sons’ behaviours and thoughts. My son has learned to deal with his anxieties much better, once he built up to using it, he made great progress with it. Creating a toolbox of techniques to deal with worrying situations is also a great benefit that he will hopefully refer to throughout life. The best thing is that over time his confidence and happiness have skyrocketed a big thank you to Paul.


Tactics and tools against OCD

Tactics and tools against OCD and a deeper understanding of its nature. Thanks to this I am able to better defeat it. I also feel that the therapy I have done so far has made me a lot freer and a lot happier. I also like talking to Paul a he is funny and easily knows tools to combat OCD.


It helped me understand my anxiety

It helped me understand my anxiety and how to control it. Therapy allowed me to gain my confidence back and enjoy life again. Paul was amazing from the start. He made me feel comfortable and he explained everything so well. In terms of understanding my issues 10 out of 10. Therapy changed my life for the better, definitely would recommend.


Speaking with a professional and not being judged

Speaking with a professional and not being judged about how you think. Being able to come to a joint understanding of my issues and more importantly, where they came from. Paul managed to summarise my issues within the first 6 weeks. He completely understood me.


Someone else showing recognition, validation and compassion

Someone else showing recognition, validation and compassion towards the issues I have been facing. Understanding why my mind works the way it does based on previous experiences/trauma’s. Being compassionate with myself and removing judgement helps provide freedom and manages expectations. There is no quick fix, therapy takes time.


CBT has taught me strategies

CBT has taught me strategies for dealing with difficult days in my recovery. It has also taught me a lot about how my brain works, and how to make sure my negative thoughts don’t control my actions. I feel I have a greater understanding about myself as a person and I think that, once I am recovered, I will be a better version of myself than I ever was. I think that Paul largely understands my issues and, even when he doesn’t, he lets me try and explain it. I don’t feel I’ve been forced into a box or prescribed an inflexible ‘set treatment’. Since we started to implement practical strategies, I feel I have improved a great deal. I very much appreciate Paul’s manner and attitude, where he encourages an atmosphere of non-judgement and humour.


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